Wondering how Permian Basin school districts measure up?


In developing the focus areas of the Education Partnership of the Permian Basin, the Leadership Team chose seven outcomes along the cradle to career path, with community involvement being placed at the center of all seven outcomes.  These outcomes include Family Literacy, Kindergarten Readiness, Early Grade Reading (K-3), Math (4th-8th), Middle School Engagement, High School Retention and Graduation, and Post-Secondary Enrollment and Completion.

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Based on data, the EPPB knows that making improvements across the seven outcomes will take time.  As a result, the EPPB has prioritized three focus areas for initial action.  These include:

1.     Kindergarten Readiness

2.     K-3 Literacy

3.     Middle School Engagement

In addition, two Action Networks have been formed to take the lead on engaging the community around these three priorities.

1.     Early Childhood Action Network

2.     Middle School Engagement Action Network